Pastor Gabriel Carnell

My name is Gabriel Carnell and I am the full-time minister from Mt. Zion at The District. By the age of 20, it was apparent that my life was in disrepair with little hope for the future because of choices I had made in my youth. I wanted something better, but didn’t know how to receive personal breakthrough. After months of struggling in my own ways, I accepted an invitation to attend a church service at Mt. Zion. This is where I began my journey as an overcomer. I will always remember the words from the pulpit that inspired hope that day—God promised He would exchange my “ashes” for something beautiful.

The exchange of “ashes for beauty” are words of promise from Isaiah 61, which is the foundation of the Life Enrichment ministry. As both a participant and a counselor, I extend an invitation of redemption, healing, transformation, hope, and blessing to you—the same transforming work I have personally experienced for more than 20 years.

I am convinced that you will experience a more balanced and productive lifestyle, including freedom from emotions and mindsets that can keep you from experiencing a great life. The first step is easy: come out to a class, call me at 248.393.5625, or even send me an email. Begin your personal journey towards getting better…one step at a time.