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Life Enrichment, a group-counseling program located at The District, has been provided through Mt. Zion church for over 25 years. Pastor Loren initiated the program soon after counseling his congregation and finding that most people needed help connecting their spiritual relationship with God to their natural life choices and responses. Based on Isaiah 61, which speaks of healing the broken-hearted and liberating those who are bound, Life Enrichment topics focus on changing mindsets and behaviors that can stand in the way of leading the productive and peaceful life that God intends for you. We teach the importance of being strong in the Lord and the power of His might, to stand against anything (Eph. 6:10,11).

Life Enrichment also teaches that through the redemptive power of God you can overcome the problems, harmful habits and trauma you may have experienced in life. Each class is led by a pair of carefully selected group counselors. Each counselor has passed a two-year counselors training program, and are also approved to instruct based upon their personal lives being balanced in that topic area.

Life Enrichment counselors are always here to offer hope for any situation through anointed words of encouragement; if more counseling is needed, one-on-one counseling is free to anyone actively participating in a Life Enrichment class. Perhaps you are okay, and are not in a crisis situation, and for that we are pleased to hear! Yet, we also believe that no matter how good your life is, it can always be better!

Life Enrichment classes are offered FREE each week, with topics including:

Healing for Women, Life Controlling Emotions, Substance Abuse, Anger Resolution, Steps to Healthy Self-Worth, Coping with Divorce, Boundaries in Relationships, Marriage, and more!

There is no pre-registration; an offering will be taken.


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