Description of Classes

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The Anger class teaches that when an emotion is not dealt with, it can become anger. Anger reveals the condition of the heart. Anger usually stems from either hurt, frustration, or fear. Many people deny their anger and its influence on their actions—they believe people with anger explode. Many are very subtle at controlling anger, but others catch a glimpse of it from time to time. Anger Resolution helps identify the source of anger and teaches individuals how to deal with the root of it in their heart.


In this class, Dr. Jeanne Cagle will discuss what you can do to change your life.
Many thoughts and habits that you have, contribute to your anxiety and depression. We will learn how simple changes in your everyday life can go a long way towards your deliverance from the emotions that hold you back from living life to its fullest.


Boundaries must be set to enable us to see ourselves as individuals responsible for our own lives. This individual responsibility should not be given to anyone else. Likewise, boundaries are needed to prevent us from taking the responsibility for the needs of those we are not responsible for. Taking responsibility for someone else can allow them to remain immature and irresponsible. This group will equip you to set those boundary lines and will promote healthy growth in your relationships.


This class isn’t about going on a diet…but it will bring to light the deeper reasons that motivate us to turn to food for comfort, stress relief, passing time and several more. We will discuss how you can feel better about yourself no matter what shape you are in, and provide a healthy support system for you to get healthier one step at a time.


This class, taught by Robin Rice, certified Cognitive Thinking Matters instructor, will teach cognitive thinking techniques used to change mindsets to change irrational behaviors, targeting substance use. This class is for adults who would benefit from these techniques or are helping someone who can benefit from these techniques.


This class will help you understand the steps of grief. The feelings of sadness, confusion or guilt are to be expected after the loss of a loved one. Maybe you are feeling anger, depression or fear. These emotions are also part of the grief process. Receive information on what to expect and how to deal with this issue, ultimately healing and moving on with your life.

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Women place a lot of importance on relationships. When you are in a relationship, there is a risk involved. You may be hurt. Once you are hurt in a relationship, the pain and devastation that you feel can keep you from being able to trust. You may begin to deal with people out of your brokenness. You may have difficulty connecting with people and maybe even with God. There is hope for you because healing can be found in God. Whether you have experienced adultery, betrayal of a friend, abuse from a parent or spouse, disappointment from God, or whatever hurt that may be in your heart, God can heal the broken places and bind up the wounds.


This group discusses how emotions affect and control our lives and explores ways to conquer them. A crisis may cause our emotions to become temporarily unbalanced; however, when a crisis is dealt with, our emotions should fall back into balance. When this does not happen, every action or reaction is a result of an emotion out of control. This group supports and teaches individuals how to regain balance and stability of mind.


When men try to measure their success as a man, they often compare themselves to other men or to some criteria that they feel society has set as a measuring rod. The real measure of your success as a man, when based on the principles of God, is not about other men. It is about your uniqueness in God, your purpose, and your responsibilities based on the relationships that you have chosen. This class presents the principles of being a successful man of God. It offers the opportunity to share with other men and to learn the place other men have in your personal growth.


This class is for married couples only. You must be married and you must attend as a couple. It is based on the idea that our marriage should be a reflection of the relationship that Christ has with the church. Based on the first chapter of Ephesians, it outlines the marriage relationship as God intended it to be. In our relationship with God we make mistakes; the relationship would be over if God had not made a way for us to get back into right standing with Him. Our marriage is the same way. We need a redemption plan, a way to resolve our problems with one another and return to our love relationship. What is a redemption plan and how do I implement one in my marriage? This is a class for any couple who wants to enrich their marriage and allow their relationship to be an example of God’s intention for marriage.

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This group offers basic skills for developing meaningful relationships. Many people have built relationships that do not meet their individual needs. This results in dissatisfaction. Some of the topics this group will discuss are how to make initial contacts, how to be comfortable in group settings, how to evaluate the costs and rewards in relationships and, when necessary, how to end relationships.


Most people want to feel that they are of value, and that their life has meaning and purpose. Developing a healthy self-image and learning to believe in your worth is a process achieved by taking it one step at a time. Begin to feel good about yourself today!


The Substance Abuse group emphasizes that drug and/or alcohol addiction is a curable disease. It presents realistic means for taking responsibility for the addiction and behavior that results from it, as well as practical strategies for coping with problems or pressures that motivate abuse of the substance. The group encourages you to discover the reasons for turning to the substance and alternative courses of action.