Testimony Tuesday: Brian Fraaza

Date: March 19, 2013
Time: 7:30 PM
Testimony/Music By: Brian Fraaza • Worship Pastor @ The River Church
Links: @brianfraazabrianfraaza.com
Cost: FREE
Ages: 18+

Sexual abuse as a kid led to a lot of messed up relationships…broken marriage…broken family relationships…drugs and alcohol as a crutch. All the while, growing up in church and Christian schools, I was taught that being a Christian meant having it all together, a neat and tidy life and a lot of behavioral hoops to jump through. Knowing and loving and following Jesus has brought tremendous freedom from the chains of religion, and tremendous healing to places and relationships that were once broken…transformation and John 10:10 life (“to the full”)

Rock ‘n roll worship leader combines intimate, insightful lyrics with a broad range of musical styles

Kalamazoo, Michigan-based rock ‘n roll worship leader Brian Fraaza’s latest release, The Shadows and The Light, is a vibrant collection of songs that will lift your spirits and give you strength to power through the hard times. With vocals that occasionally call to mind the likes of John Mayer or Tyrone Wells, Fraaza gets your attention with his soulful efforts. Additionally, the album shows considerable musical variety as acoustic ballads, pop, funk, soul, rock and even mandolin-driven numbers all make appearances, demonstrating that there is a little something for just about everyone on this record. Fraaza’s lyrics are passionate and authentic, whether he is praising God for His faithfulness or seeking guidance and understanding in the most difficult of times. The Shadows and the Light is an intimate, unfiltered expression of Fraaza’s desire to worship the Lord, and when you listen to this album you will be hard-pressed not to join in.